Encourage Better Employee Health

Employee are the best asset of every organisation,
putting effort into employee wellness can encourage better teamwork, increase productivity and reduce sick leave and workplace accidents.

Pakdok provides solution to promote preventive care.

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Preventive care

Proactive preventive care is integral to staying healthy, and ultimately avoiding visits to the doctor.  As an employer, it’s important to make sure that your employees know the tools out there to help them save on health care expenses. Cutting down on things like unnecessary procedures, emergency room visits, and illness in general, through the utilization of Pakdok solutions.

Healthy Lifestyle Protocols

Set of guidelines and source of information about healthy lifestyle to ensure compliance rate meet by your employee

Visit Doctor Virtually

Virtual visits, or “seeing” the doctor through a mobile app at your fingertip,
are not only more convenient but often more cost effective

Electronic Medical Record

Fully integrated electronic medical record of your employee, easier access to your clinical data provided by your appointed medical clinics
Visit the Doctor Virtually

Anytime, Anywhere?

Talk to Doctor directly has never been this handy, through a messaging platform provided by our mobile app! Currently on text based but soon on voice and video call.

Health Compliance | Mobile App | Health Clinic

Seamless Integration

Empowering health care clinic into electronic medical records that interconnect with our mobile platform, and interconnect health recommendation into mobile platform brings seamless integration and visibility of your employee’s medical data.

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Preventive health care solution provider that  interconnects employee health compliance with mobile and web application.

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