Visit Doctor Virtually

Talk to our doctors virtually within your grasp.

Doctor Consultation

Doctor consultation has never been this handy, within your grasp, text-based, chat in private and personal. Our doctors are here to help

Personal Medical Record

A pocket doctor in which you can store your personal medical records, medical history all in one device


This feature let you set reminder related to your health condition, your medication, your activity, all is set within your Smart Phone

Health Articles

More than 6.000 health articles and health tips from trusted sources and originally produced by our own doctors

Medical Concierge

Escalation to further advance treatment clinics, appointments to delivery of online of the counter medication

Symptom Checker

Optionally to check your symptom with 3D body anatomy help you identify your sickness before talk to our doctors

Pakdok Mobile App

An application-based health service presenting primary health care within your grasp. Feels like having a private doctor-integrated & easy to be reached. Doctor consultation is currently FREE, download now!