Seamless Integration

Our services interconnect each other seamlessly thus promote your employee’s health data integrity. Further more, we can connect to your appointed health clinic.

Flexible and Fast Implementation

Robust implementation, Pakdok services may run individually or interconnect each others.

Employee Health Compliance

Pakdok identify, recommend, monitor and evaluate your employee health care compliance through employee’s routine medical check-up results.

Visit Doctor Visually

Virtual visits, or “seeing” the doctor through a mobile app at your fingertip,
are not only more convenient but often more cost effective .

Electronic Medical Record

Fully integrated electronic medical record of your employee, easier access to your clinical data provided by your appointed medical clinics.

High Service Level

Doctor Station

We have facility in which our Doctors stationed while providing primary care consultation virtually to ensure highest level of service for our corporate customers

Operating procedures to ensure highest care and standard of medical advice

Computers, Communication, CCTV monitoring, High Bandwidth and Back Up Plan

24/7, Load monitoring, Alert and Escalation

Full Heart Care

Licensed Doctors

Our doctors possessed Surat Tanda Registrasi (STR) from Konsili Kedokteran Indonesia, and SIP (Surat Ijin Praktek) from Dinas Kesehatan Pemerintah Daerah

Preventive health care solution provider that  interconnects employee health compliance with mobile and web application.

Jakarta Office

Equity Tower 27th Floor Suite A-E Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 SCBD Lot 9 – Jakarta 12190
Telp. (021) 515 5636